Welcome To Rules :D Mechanix Modding

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Welcome To Rules :D Mechanix Modding

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:17 pm

1. No sexual behavior and don't hate on someone if you cant get their mod working

2.Do NOT ADVERTISE (this includes any type of social media) unless you are putting a preview for your mod or whatever or you are saying please sub to my channel as a like outro for a forum that you made a mod for

3. CFW mods will be allowed on this forum but you must (NOTICE MUST) include whether it is CEX or DEX or both firmwares a short installation tutorial must be provided it doesnt have to be complete just telling them where to put the mods should do. Also do the same thing for usb mods but label it usb

4. No fake usb mods please we try to keep the reputation of this forum good so if you post anything fake it will be deleted!!!!

5. Please do not spam posts we do understand that if you have a great tool you want it to be noticed but please be considerate of other members trying to post here. If you spam only the original forum you created will be left take note of that.

6. have fun talk to other members and strike deals or whatever

                                                                        Best Regards -Admin Basketball
PS: I understand that the rules are a little strict but I want everyone to know what type of mod it is and everything


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